About Us

The story of Bare Naked Noodles begins with a passion for good food made with fresh ingredients.

When  Linda Croley, a financial advisor by day, decided to enter the food business, she began as an exclusive Alabama vendor of  Pappardelle’s Pasta. While her clients were excited to use the national Italian-­‐style pasta in their dishes, Linda wanted to add to her client’s lineup.

Bare Naked Noodles was born with the simple idea of family recipes, farm fresh local ingredients and a love for food. Some of Birmingham’s finest restaurants started as customers. Saturday morning appearances at local farmers’ markets grew her base of fans. Now, Bare Naked Noodles provides seasonal varieties of ravioli, pasta, lasagna, and a wonderful tomato and basil sauce. In addition, Linda continues her fresh pasta line for the finest restaurants.

Our Team

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Linda Croley


Meet the pasta master herself. Without which Bare Naked Noodles would not be possible! Her Italian heritage brings that authentic spin on every dish.

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Allison Anderson

Farmer's Market Manager

Demos are her specialty! Meet the face who handles our outside sales!

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Kendrick Cox

Head Chef

Meet the boss in the kitchen! His culinary expertise is the heart of our cafe!

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our ingredients are fresh


it all started when our love for food was at the highest

Celebrating the love of artisan pastas and sauces, made from local ingredients provided by Alabama farmers. Bare Naked Noodles offers many pasta shapes, flavors and gluten-­‐free varieties.

"Try us at your local grocer"

Bellisima Food

The signature line of artisan pastas is ravioli. All of Bare Naked Noodles Pastas, Raviolis, Sauces, Lasagnas, Meatballs or Menu Items are available to go.

"We can have your order ready at the end of the day for pick up if you like"

3/25/2015 *****

Best lasagna I have ever eaten!!!!!!!!

- Bill Raymon


Delicious! The meatballs are great! The ravioli I tried was great! Glad I stopped at her Booth at the Oh so Spring festival at the Riverchase Galleria. Definitely need to check this one out!!

- Anita Prie

6/27/2015 *****

Met Bare Naked Noodles at the Cross Creek Market. The food just dances on your tongue. The rich flavor left me wanting more! The Lasagna was excellent!

- Kats Shelby

8/5/2015 *****

Fabulous meatballs. My Italian husband is on a constant quest for the perfect meatball. His Mom is no longer able to cook and the recipe isn’t written anywhere. We tried both types of meatballs with & without cheese. Both were tender and full of flavor. We will be back for more!

- Michaelene Dallesandro

5 Star*****

From the first bite I was incredibly impressed with Linda Croley’s handmade Bare Naked Noodles pastas filled with local ingredients. I keep them in the pantry and freezer so that a delicious meal of local ingredients is ready to make. Now I am especially delighted that Croley has evolved her pasta business to open Bare Naked Noodles new café. I highly recommend the lasagna, special of the day made with Bare Naked Noodles pasta, quiches, sandwiches, pizza special, and salads, all made with local ingredients. Croley is a superb chef whose gift for flavor profiles shines daily in her ever evolving with the season and what is freshest daily cuisine.

9/27/2015 *****

By far the BEST lasagna I’ve ever tasted. My son appreciated the lasagna and for you thanking him for his service in the military. His hip surgery was a major success and the lasagna was an awesome comfort food for his recovery! Thank you for sharing your phenomenal talent with others! You deserve five hearts and stars! God bless you!

- Diana Reves Wilson