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Tortellini is a fun little pasta. It’s fun to make and easy to do if you know some tricks of the trade. A great pasta maker knows the truth about the importance of good dough AND good fillings. Of course, Bare Naked Noodles has got you covered. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help make you a tortellini pro in no time.

Less is more

This little saying goes a long way in the world of cooking, especially with pasta. When working with your inner pasta maker, you want to get back to the basics. Nothing is better than simplistic, fresh ingredients to make a mouth-watering filled pasta. For our tortellini, we start with nothing more than flour, eggs, and salt.

 The Fresher the Better

Every ingredient plays an important part in your overall flavor. That is why we pride ourselves on using the best of the best! From fresh farm eggs to locally grown chives, we want all of our filled pastas to have that fresh taste we all know and love.

 Get Creative

With a filled pasta, specifically tortellini, you get the chance to concoct a filling with anything you want. Do you LOVE cheese? Why not put all of your favorite types in your tortellini? The sky’s the limit. For more ideas, see all of our options under our filled pastas section.

Don’t Soak your Tortellini

The worst mistake you can make is to have too wet of dough. This can happen in many ways. Maybe you have a moist textured dough or you could end up using too much water when sealing the tortellini. The most common mistake is to have a filling that is too wet. This could ruin your perfect tortellini and cause it to leak or explode. 🙁

 Have the Right Tools

To make it easier on yourself, you should definitely have a cookie cutter on hand. About two-inches wide. This will give you that perfect shape!

Make the Perfect Tortellini Bare Naked Noodles Birmingham Hoover Cafe AL Linda Croley

Have Fun!

The simplest tip to follow. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just enjoy your fresh pasta that you made by yourself (with our help of course).

Our pasta makers are at it again 😍 #threecheesetortellini

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We want to see your finished product! Email your perfect tortellini to to be featured on our blog.

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