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Sweet Summertime calls for some Sweet Potato Pappardelle. That’s right! Sweet Potato isn’t just for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

This week’s pasta pick is a bestseller amongst our pasta lovers. Unsurprisingly, this different pasta can up your cooking game with any dish. One of our most versatile flavors, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic pasta. Say What?! Yes, I said it. Whether you want sweet or savory, this pappardelle is the perfect match.  Think desserts and entrees. Our Pappardelle is a dried pasta with a whole bunch of attitude. With a classic sweet potato taste that isn’t overpowering. This healthy noodle also packs a great punch of nutrients that come from the veggie itself. Check out the Nutrition Facts below if you don’t believe us!

Our owner, Linda Croley, shared her way of pairing her favorite pasta. She recommends them as a great side dish. If you are thinking savory, pair with a one of our favorite Italian cheeses, Mascarpone, then add some toasted walnuts with a bit of yummy garlic. Throw some pork in for a great protein. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try topping it with sweet streusel for a bit of a sugar rush.

Nutrition Facts of Sweet Potato Pappardelle Bare Naked Noodles Birmingham AL Linda Croley Cafe Italian Pastas Local

You can purchase it today in-store or right here online. We will also have plenty for sale at the Pepper Place Farmer’s  Market this weekend.

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